Version 2.5.4 (September 2018)

Bug fixes
  • All nodes are used when defining a topology containing hybrid netcards using « quick define » action
  • fix bugs related to linked clones
  • fix a bug related to SQL requests

Version 2.5.3 (June 2018)

Bug fixes
  • fix a bug related to screen resolution in the SPICE remote display
  • fix a segfault when selecting severals entities in a topology
  • always check the SQL table entities_relationship exists at startup
  • fix connectivity issues with the feature « HandleStateLink »
  • fix connectivity issues with Open vSwitch
  • fix connectivity issues when starting a large topology : some wires were not defined
  • add more controls on the master side when creating a wire
  • allow fixing topologies with domains that have linked clones
  • a topology containing linked clones can be exported and imported
  • improve logs for entities status changes

Version 2.5.2 (March 2018)

Bug fixes
  • fix a segfault when opening a LXC SPICE remote display too soon after the entity has started
  • fix a bug when renaming network interfaces in a domain entry properties
  • fix a segfault when opening the memory dump dialog while having no selected entities
  • update left and right wire side in properties when entity shortname is updated
  • correctly refresh connected peers on a wifi hotspot
  • check if the ActionManager bridge exists before defining an entity
  • libhnscommon is not linked to QtXml anymore
  • show UUID entry in logs when parsing a XML hnsEntryConfig
  • update QEMU domain interfaces state on wire plug/unplug. This feature can be enabled by setting the boolean key ‘HandleStateLink’ to true in ‘Platforms’ group in hynesim-node configuration file.
  • add the topology shortName to exported topology folder/archive name

Version 2.5.1 (December 2017)

Bug fixes
  • do not lock topologies in error mode when fixing them fails
  • fix a crash when hyneview was told to export a topology containing entities with invalid parentIds
  • fix Caps Lock and Num Lock synchronization issues in remote displays
  • fix an issue where the USB device redirection counter displayed wrong values
  • fix a crash which sometimes happened when unplugging an USB device
  • correctly handle recovered entities
  • do not allow jobs to be executed twice
  • do not create domain models with children
  • improve multiple selection of entities with Ctrl key
  • handle multiple selection of topologies in the topology catalog window
  • ask user to confirm when deleting a started entity
  • clarify the export window option to create a .tar archive
  • clarify the popup when dragging and dropping a template in a topology
  • user namespace for LXC containers is now activated only when an idmap is configured
  • correct a misleading linked clone related warning

Version 2.5.0 (October 2017)

  • add a frontend to take and download memory dumps
  • add a frontend to create linked clones
  • add a frontend to redirect USB devices to QEMU domains when a remote display is opened
  • add a frontend to set the USB controller type for QEMU domains
  • add a frontend to set the video card model for QEMU domains
  • add linked clones support for QEMU domains
  • add memory dumps support for QEMU domains
  • add spice USB redirection support for QEMU domains
  • allow domains to be associated to a specific node
  • a topology can now be cloned (no graphical frontend, API only)
  • add support for unprivileged LXC containers
  • add a setting for the VXLAN host in hynesim-node.ini
  • add support for setting the USB controller type for QEMU domains
  • add support for setting the video card model for QEMU domains
Bug fixes
  • folders ACLs changes are now correctly propagated to hyneview
  • fix an uptime overflow error in platform monitor
  • the remote display tab now closes when the connection fails
  • do not add a wire if the plug selector dialog box is canceled
  • fix a bug where Open vSwitch CPU load would rise to 100%
  • fix a bug where remote display wasn’t working for LXC containers whose UUID began by « 0 »
  • fix various crashes, race conditions and deadlocks
  • when loading the catalog, set entities and folders parent Ids to 0 if they are invalid
  • remove broken pcaps from topologies when deserializing instead of invalidating the whole topology
  • fix an issue where pcap file names weren’t unique when capturing on an Open vSwitch entity
  • add various graphical indicators for entities:
    • export in progress
    • immutable domain
    • network capture in progress
    • USB device redirected
  • the node name label is now hidden by the toggle status icons button
  • display success and failure message boxes for snapshots
  • add a « compress all » button to select all entities for compression before exporting
  • add a frontend to delete custom icons
  • allow remote display resolution to be changed for LXC containers
  • ask user confirmation before exporting an entity
  • display success and failure message boxes for entities exports
  • fix remote displays memory leaks
  • new clones are now queued instead of being discarded when the limit of simultaneous clones is reached
  • custom icons are now exported and imported with topologies
  • custom icons can now be deleted
  • add a remote display port pool to use ports between 5900 and 6900
  • add encrypted spice connections support
  • print the hostapd log file path when a Wi-Fi entity fails to start
  • use libvirt network filters to isolate domains with an action manager interface
scripts and packages
  • use iproute2 instead of ifconfig
  • use nftables instead of iptables